Want to participate but don't know how to set yourself a swim challenge?

Try our Great Team Relay!

Teams of six or more choose from either a 4-hour Great Team Relay
(i.e. 12noon-4pm*) or a massive 8-hour Great Team Relay (12noon-8pm*).

Relay Rules:

  • Swim any style or distance you prefer
  • Only one swimmer per team is allowed in the pool at a time
  • Flotation devices and swimming aids are permitted
  • Amusing costumes and team names are encouraged!
  • Prizes may be awarded for best costumes, most laps swum, best team spirit and best Reef helpers.

Each team nominates a team leader who is responsible for registering the team, creating team rosters and counting and recording laps. (Teams, please make sure all your participants are registered!)

*Please note suggested time slots are examples only. If these times are not suitable, please make arrangements with your local pool manager directly.

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