Where does the money go?

During 2017 we have seen evidence of the disastrous state of our beloved Reef suffering at the hands of devastating climate-induced coral bleaching. The Reef is also under serious threat from excessive development, poor water quality from agricultural run-off and crown of thorn starfish.

Thanks to the wonderful support of over 300 swimmers, volunteers and donors in 2017, EDO Qld spent the best part of this year helping the Reef and the community by:

  • Legally representing community groups in Court on landmark climate change and Reef protection cases;

  • Fighting for strong vegetation protection along waterways in Reef catchments;

  • Successfully advocating for restoration of community rights to object to mining projects; and

  • Speaking up for Reef protection in the media, in legal submissions to Parliament, and online – as often and as strongly as we can – motivated by urgency and your support.

Now, imagine what your EDO Qld lawyers could do to protect the Reef after an even bigger Swim for the Reef in January 2018!

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About EDO (Qld)

Environmental Defenders Office Qld (EDO Qld) is an independent community legal centre, empowering the community to use the law to protect the environment.

We are your lawyers for the environment, driven by a commitment to justice and a passion for nature. Our goals are to protect clean air, soil and water for safe and healthy communities; to restore and preserve nature, the Great Barrier Reef and wildlife; and to advance clean energy and keep our climate safe.

We want to see strong laws that protect the Great Barrier Reef from some of its greatest threats, like dredge spoil dumping, bad developments, and devastating coral bleaching from climate change.

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