Where and when is Swim For The Reef 2019 taking place?

Swim For The Reef 2019 will be centred around Saturday 2 February 2019, however events can take place whenever and wherever is convenient for you! 

You can hit the neighbourhood pool, a nearby (patrolled) beach, or even do it in your own backyard!

In previous years we’ve had keen swimmers taking part in Swim For The Reef in Canada, Germany, Vietnam, and even swimming at the Great Barrier Reef itself (thanks to some amazing UQ Reef scientists!).

Just make sure you let us know where you’re planning on taking part on our registration form!

If you are hoping to do something big at your local pool it’s best to get in touch with them first – they may even like to host the event themselves! For more information, check out the 'Recruit your pool' tab on this website.

What will happen on the day? Will it be serious swimmers only??

Swim For The Reef 2019 is an event catering for everyone – it doesn’t matter if you’re a super-focussed swimmer focussed on achieving your personal best, or if you’re just out for a dip in the pool with family and friends.

Here’s how it works:

  • Swim any style or distance you prefer
  • Flotation devices and swimming aids are permitted
  • Amusing costumes and team names are encouraged!
  • Prizes may be awarded for best costumes, most laps swum, best team spirit and best Reef helpers.
  • Please be respectful of other swimmers – including ones who are not involved in the Swim For The Reef!

Each team is responsible for registering the team, creating team rosters and counting and recording laps.

Teams, please make sure all your participants are registered!

When can I Swim For The Reef?

You can pick a day any time between January 14th and February 10th.

Just choose a day, time and location which suits you the most. 

If you are planning to swim at a pool, make sure you get in touch with the pool manager and share your plans with them. We have a template letter you can use to explain what Swim for the Reef is and to help drum up support from your local pool.

If you're interested in joining EDO Qld's community events, there will be one held on February 2nd at Musgrave Park Pool, and another on February 9th at Yeronga Pool. Contact the EDO Qld office to find out more on 07 3211 4466 or at swimforthereef@edoqld.org.au

It's going to be hot. Do you have any tips to cope with the weather?

  • Bring sun protection (hats, sunscreen, umbrellas, shade shelters, etc.) and lots of water
  • Consume plenty of fluids and take adequate rests in shaded areas
  • Watch out for your fellow swimmers and offer shade and water where appropriate
  • Choose to swim at a cooler time of day, and at a location with lots of shade if available

How do my laps get added to the total tally?

The overall tally of laps in 2019 will be added to last year’s laps, as we aim to swim the equivalent distance of the Great Barrier Reef. 

Team leaders are responsible for logging their team’s laps and sending them in, otherwise if you’re swimming solo you should do it yourself.

Please send all details including team name (if applicable), lap count, location, and date of your swim in an email and send it to swimforthereef@edoqld.org.au or phone (07) 3211 4466. 

Our office is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

How does my team enter the best costume competition?

If your team would like to enter our best costume competition you will need to upload a photo of your team to Facebook and/or Instagram using the hashtag #swimforthereef.

The deadline to have your photos uploaded will be communicated to your team leader closer to the time.  (Judging will take place once all teams have uploaded their photos.)

Are there any safety tips I need to know?

General safety

  • It is the responsibility of all participants to ensure their health and safety at the event
  • Please note that you will not be covered by Swim For The Reef or EDO Qld insurance. If you are participating you are doing so at your own risk. It is important to ensure you are participating in a safe location and participating in a safe way. If you are planning your own event, consider using a local pool or a beach which will be patrolled with life guards
  • Participants under 18 years are to be supervised by a responsible adult at all times during the Swim For The Reef event
  • If you are tired and feel you can't go on, stop swimming and let someone know. Your safety is of the utmost importance!
  • There may be more than yourself swimming in the same lane, so please make sure you are aware of the people around you
  • Always be mindful of other people in and around the pool area
  • During the night hours, please be aware that there may be people living near the pool
  • No diving in the shallow end
  • Stay as far to the left in the lane as possible
  • Have fun, enjoy the challenge and look out for each other!
  • We recommend only swimming in areas supervised by qualified lifeguards and following their safety rules
  • Pay attention to local conditions and swim safely
  • While you are swimming, make sure someone on land knows where you are at all times
  • Parents or legal guardians of participants under 18 years of age must provide written consent for participant when registering. 
  • Additionally, Everyday Hero requires children under 16 years to have parent permission to use their website.  Please see the Terms and Conditions tab below.
  • The order, duration and number of times a team member swims are at the discretion of the team.
  • Good sporting conduct will be expected of all participants. 
  • If you are attending a community event, the organisers may set their own rules for team relays or general swimming. Please check with the organisers and abide by the rules of their event!
  • Wherever you swim, you are an ambassador for Swim For The Reef. Please be courteous and considerate and adhere to the rules and safety regulations of your chosen location.

Who is EDO Qld?

Environmental Defenders Office Qld (EDO Qld) is an independent community legal centre, empowering the community to use the law to protect the environment.

Our goals are to protect clean air, soil and water for safe and healthy communities; to restore and preserve nature, the Great Barrier Reef and wildlife; and to advance clean energy and keep our climate safe.

We help everyday Australians stand up for the environment

EDO Qld gives a legal voice to those who stand up for a positive future in energy and climate, nature and the reef and healthy communities.

We run landmark challenges for groups doing good

Our legal victories pave the way for a clean energy future. We help run powerful legal cases that hold industry and government to account.

We advocate for stronger laws to protect and conserve

EDO Qld’s law reform activities help improve legislation to better protect the environment and advance sustainable development and planning.

Swim For The Reef is the biggest fundraiser of the year for EDO Qld and an important source of funding for our work. Find out more about EDO Qld at https://www.edoqld.org.au

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