All proceeds from Swim For The Reef go towards EDO Qld’s important work protecting the Reef against threats like climate change, deforestation, and agricultural run-off.

Our cause is simple - the stunning Great Barrier Reef is in danger.

Global warming has led to a series of mass bleaching events which have threatened the Reef and its unique inhabitants – some of the most exquisite marine life on the planet.

But that’s not all. The Reef is also under serious threat from excessive development, agricultural run-off, shipping accidents, and crown-of-thorn starfish.

If that wasn’t enough, Adani is threatening the Reef with plans to turbocharge coal exports through their Abbot Point terminal, and pressing ahead with one of the biggest coal mines in the southern hemisphere – right on the Reef’s doorstep.

The dangers to the Great Barrier Reef have never been greater – but we are fighting back.

For 30 years, the Environmental Defenders Office Qld has been at the forefront of the fight to save the Reef.

EDO Qld is an independent community legal centre, empowering the community to use the law to protect the environment.

Our legal experts provide advice, support, and representation to individuals and community groups fighting to protect our natural environment.

How are we fighting for the Great Barrier Reef:

  • Standing up for community groups in court on landmark climate change and Reef protection cases
  • Using the law to help the community fight back against devastating mining projects like the Adani Carmichael mine and its Abbot Point export terminal
  • Championing law reforms for stronger vegetation protection along waterways in Reef catchments, and fighting for tougher enforcement of water quality regulations  
  • Successfully advocating for the restoration of community rights to object to mining projects
  • Speaking up for Reef protection in the media, in legal submissions to Parliament, and online – as often and as strongly as we can – motivated by urgency and your support.

The Swim For The Reef is EDO Qld’s biggest event of the year, providing much-needed funds to carry on our crucial work to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

Last year hundreds of swimmers raised more than $60,000 for the Reef. Can you help make this year even bigger?

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