The earlier you start your fundraising the easier it will be for your team to meet your goal. We recommend you create a mini plan before you start. Below you will find a set of tips and tools to help you meet your fundraising targets.

1. Personalise your fundraising page

If you personalise your page, you are likely to raise more than people who don’t!

  • Set your fundraising goal (you can always increase it when you get close). This helps to keep your supporters inspired and motivated!

  • Upload a team photo and continue to post regular updates, images and videos throughout your journey. Let your supporters know how determined you are!

  • Include a short story about why your team has chosen to Swim for the Reef. Your supporters are more likely to donate if they know why you’re passionate about the cause.

  • Thank your supporters as they donate to you directly on your page and by tagging them in a Facebook post. It’s a great way to publicly show your gratitude and make them feel appreciated.

2. Donate to yourself

Making a donation to your fundraising page is a great way to show extra commitment to the cause and kick start your fundraising. Donate the amount you want others to donate to you and get the ball rolling. Share your page on social media and ask your friends to match you.

3. Share on social

Ask and you shall receive!

Share your unique link to your fundraising page and ask for donations through all of your social channels.

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram

Make the most of your ask and be sure to include WHY you've chosen to fundraise, HOW MUCH your friends should give and WHAT their donation will do for the Reef. We’ve found people who do this receive more donations!

Don’t forget to use the event hashtag #swimforthereef

<Facebook cover photo>

<Blank social media share>

4. Put it in an email

  • Get in touch with friends, family and work colleagues. Tell them what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, send them a link to your fundraising page and encourage them to make a donation

  • Copy one of our email templates, or create your own and let your contacts know why you’re raising funds for the Reef

  • Send to everyone you know, don't assume that someone won't give - the cause might mean a lot to them

  • Don't forget to include a link to your fundraising page

  • Send a follow-up email a few weeks before the event to provide them with an update of your fundraising efforts and to remind those who haven't donated yet – people don’t mind being asked twice

  • Add this image to your email signature to let people know you are passionate about fundraising for the Great Barrier Reef (Remember to link the image to your unique fundraising page). <Email signature image>

5. Paint the town

Once you've created your fundraiser, you can download, customise and print these posters to display around your workplace or local area, to help promote your fundraising efforts.

<Event poster>

Not on social media but still want to fundraise? Email us at and we can discuss other options.

6. Contact local media

Press releases are specifically targeted at the media including press, TV and Radio.

many organisations also send press releases to relevant online forums, directories and blogs, helping to spread their key messages further.

Remember, press releases aren't written for the public. You are writing to the media in the hope that they will feature your story, so keep it short and sweet - one page max in length.

<Use our Example media release>

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