How to Register (Individual or Family)

Please note: All lanes at Musgrave Park Pool are now fully allocated to registered teams. Unless you are registering to join an existing Musgrave Park team, please choose another pool or location (see a list of host pools below)

1 Click 'Register Now'

2 Choose 'Musgrave Park Pool' to join an existing team


   Choose 'Ithaca Pool, Yeronga Park Pool or a location of your choice'

3 Select either individual ($10) or family ($20)

4 Follow prompts to set-up or sign-in to your Everyday Hero account

5 Follow prompts to provide your details. This may include location (i.e. Ithaca or Yeronga Pool), date and approximate time of your swim

6 (Optional) Find and join a team or create a new one

7 (Optional) Invite friends to join your team

8 Review your entry

9 Pay via credit card

10 (Optional) If you did not find and join a team, log in another time to find and join a team. Contact if you’d like help finding a team

Swim for the Reef host pools:

  • Musgrave Park Pool, Edmonstone Street, South Brisbane (no new teams, all lanes fully allocated)
  • Ithaca Pool, Caxton Street, Paddington
  • Yeronga Park Pool, School Road, Yeronga
  • Bellbowrie Pool, 47 Birkin Road, Bellbowrie 
  • Petria Thomas Swimming Pool, Jubilee Avenue, Mullumbimby
  • Stanthorpe Swimming Pool, Talc Street, Stanthorpe
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